The Transporter (Released 2008)

Real Friend

There’s nothing more fun than having a free-wheeling engine friend to take you for a ride, especially when the friend could help boost your lifestyle.

Encyclo Technology Division of Ouval Research is ready to accomplish that expectation by releasing The Transporter. A practical vehicle equipped with two stroke air-cooled engine and automatic transmission.

With slim-but-sturdy chassis made of High Strength Steel Tubes, The Transporter will take you gliding through those tight-gangways. Lining Deck Antivibration Mass and the wide Antislip Surface can be used to put your skateboard while you were browsing for the perfect skating spots. And don’t forget about the mechanical disc brakes which will give you the sense of safety while you riding fast at 32 miles/hour.

With a foldable design, The Transporter can easily be mounted into your car trunk. It certainly an Ace Card that you can count on when you’re trapped in that annoying traffic jams of Jakarta. Did we tell you that the small cc engine of this transporter means that you don’t need to acquire license or any other papers?? That alone made The Transporter as a must-have item even for those of you who can’t ride bikes.

Just by putting it on display in front of your house, it’s enough to make a statement of Who You Really Are…

The Transporter will release on February 2008 only at :
Ouval Research exhibition room
Jl.Buah Batu 64 Bandung, ph:62-22-7306697
Jl.Sultan Agung 13 Bandung, ph:62-22-4265216
West Java - Indonesia

Ouval Research Ambience room
Jl.Tebet Utara Dalam 26
Jakarta Selatan-Indonesia

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Innovative product!!!...sayang gw kaga kebagian hehehehe

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