The contradiction about what to do first thing between human needs compare with environment preservation become never ending argue. Some humanist will put priority of human needs more than everything; meanwhile some environmentalist may see in a different perspective which is human civilization can not be destroy by environment exploitation. Whatever it’s mean.
Both of things have the same meaning. It’s depending on the point of view.

In order 2 kind of different thought, Ouval Research announce the launch of campaign with title Human & Eco Friendly Technologies Campaign for over four month in first quarter in a year of 2006. The campaign will be supported with print, point of sale and public relations.
A campaign will bring the idea and technology which is possible for the newest products of Ouval Research, also movements as supported campaign. Hoping will come out a street product which can realize human needs about life style and eco friendly.

A research and Development Division of Ouval Research through the Encyclo Technologies Division plan to create three newest apparel products continuously. First debut is introduce paper apparel -was officially release on February 16th. Then, stay dry apparel and Non chemical apparel.

& We Call Them As “Human & Eco Friendly” Apparel.
Proudly Present by Encyclo Technologies Division.



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