Stay Dry Track Jacket (Released 2007)

After success release STAY DRY T-shirt in the framework of ”Human & Eco Friendly Technology” campaign in the beginning of 2006 ago, OUVAL RESEARCH back to release one of a new life style product from STAY DRY Apparel in jacket form which give STAY DRY TRACK JACKET label.

STAY DRY TRACK JACKET specially designed by Encyclo Technology Division (A Research & Development Division of OUVAL RESEARCH) with Interconnection between Art and Technology concept, there is a life style product which resulted as an enjoyable art work that combined with Technology which particularly product quality and comfortable level

The STAY DRY TRACK JACKET is developing from Classic Track Jacket to support young people needs, priority for they who dynamic active and have a “High Activity” life style it because supported with special material which could be worn in any condition and activities.

This case caused, STAY DRY TRACK JACKET is constructed from 55% based material, and 45% Spun Polyester which layered with a protect system, found in the jacket layer named “LyconoGuard”. This system helps a sweat expulsion process from skin and speed up sweat absorption process, so the body will ”dry” fast and feel more comfortable and cool.

STAY DRY TRACK JACKET has a sporty model and available in several choosing design model (artwork graphic) and also color that sold with reached price.


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