The Encyclo Technologies Division™ (a Research and Development division of Ouval Research Clothing) has introduced the most recyclable jacket called “The Apollo Series”.

“The Apollo Series” is a jacket made from paper material. This jacket was created for function, style and self expression which having 9 (nine) important element, such as:

·Water Resistant
·Rip Resistant
·Aesthetically Design
·Strong & Durable
·Soft & Chilly
·Comfortable to wear

The release of Paper Apparel™: “The Apollo Series” is a one of three products as realization of “Human & Eco Friendly Technology Campaign”

“Support Human Needs By Understanding Ecosystem Life “
We Call It As Human & Eco Friendly Apparels.
Proudly Provide by Encyclo Technologies Division™.

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    Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

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