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It has become our responsibility to support the ever growing lifestyle of the young generation, wherever they are. On that note, Ouval Research has decided to open the Ambience Room in Padang, on July 9th 2008.

Ambience Room itself is a miniature of our chain store’s Exhibition Room. So, even though it would be small in size, it would still illuminate the typical Ouval Research atmosphere and will also exhibit all products of Ouval Research. This Ambience Room is located inside Amoole Industries store on Jalan Belakang Olo No. 34, Padang.

Along with the soft launching of the Ambience Room, we will also introduce our Corporate Social Responsibilities program called Ouval Research Summer School @ Ambience Room.

This apprenticeship program is directed to high school and college student to give them the opportunity to learn about the creative industry while working as a part time shopkeeper.

The first phase of this program will be held on September through October 2008. Any questions can be ask directly to Ambience Room Padang, or log on to www.ouvalresearch.com and email us at info@ouvalresearch.com for more info.

Ouval Research Ambience Room
(Amolee Industries)
Jalan Belakang Olo No. 34
Padang-West Sumatera
Ph: +62-751-810704

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